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Our 20-lifter cap has been reached. Thank you to everyone who registered; we will deliver an awesome experience for lifters and spectators alike. Spectating is free, so we invite you to come watch and cheer the lifters on!


For the first time ever, we're hosting a powerlifting meet at WorkHarder Gym. 

 This will be a non-sanctioned meet. Our goal is to provide the opportunity for lifters to experience a well-organized meet that helps the lifter grow and become more comfortable in a meet environment. This is a great opportunity to test the waters if powerlifting is an interest to you or, if you’re experienced, a chance to dial in your meet day routines, timing and receive feedback on all lifts. We look forward to creating the best experience to help YOU get better!

There is a 20-lifter cap for this meet, so sign up soon! Gym members and guests are welcome to compete. Entrance fee for members is $20; guest entrance fee is $35. Spectating at the event is free. 

Signup deadline is January 19. Get signed up and get ready to have an awesome time.