Bet On Yourself

Bet On Yourself

I got asked last night what was a core memory for me and the gym.

For me that moment was after the first “workout.” Most of the people had left. We just had cleaned up the gym some. I wanted to do one thing. Get a video of day one, the full layout.

I blasted Suit and Jacket by Judah and the lion.

“I ain't trading my youth for no suit and jacket. I ain't giving my freedom for your money and status. So don't say I'm getting older. 'Cause I'll say it when I do”

I videoed a 360 of the gym. There was barely anything there but for me it was enough. 

That was the “I’m here” moment for me. Every sacrifice, every step of the plan I had led me to that moment. I wasn’t near done, I was just getting started. But, no one could take that moment from me. I knew then that nothing could stop me and the dream was in my hands, to nuture, to grow, and to share.

At times I’ve been undersized and underqualified but I’ve always been unphased. I’ll always bet on me no matter how uneven the odds, because you can’t beat a man who keeps standing up and refuses to quit.

“At first, dreams seem impossible, then improbable, and eventually inevitable.” ― Christopher Reeve

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