Different for Everyone

Different for Everyone

 There's a reason these words are the first thing you see once you walk in the door of my gym.

Here there are powerlifters prepping for a meet. People training for bodybuilding shows. People losing weight. People just lifting for their own mental health. They all belong here.

Missing the Point

A lot of people in the fitness community, especially on the internet, waste a lot of time arguing which way of lifting is better, who's natty and who's not, calling out people they don't even know for form, arguing about what lifts count, etc. This isn't what fitness is about.

What Fitness is for Me

I've competed in a powerlifting meet but, I don't consider myself a powerlifter. I like body building style training, but I probably won't ever step on a stage. I just like being strong. Ever since I was a kid and saw The Incredible Hulk on tv I wanted to get strong. I watched Christopher Reeves' training workouts so I could figure out how to be like Superman. 

I've only ever worked in gyms, starting with mopping the floor, then managing a gym, then training, and now owning my own gym. I've been around every style of lifting and studied it for years. I can tell you all the benefits and weakness of every approach to fitness, but you'll never hear me say that one is better than any other, for everyone, because fitness is different for everyone. 

Different Goals

My all-time favorite client had two goals with working out: to be able to get up off the floor on her own with no assistance, and to be strong enough to carry a bag of potting soil for gardening.

Everyone is different and has different goals. Instead of wasting time comparing, arguing, or just proclaiming your opinion without being open to discussion, you should encourage people in whatever they want to work towards. Not judge them or say they are wrong because they don't fit your opinion.

If you think powerlifting or bodybuilding is better, you can have that opinion. But if you discuss instead of argue, you'll learn more. Some people just want to argue. If you can't disagree and still be friends then it's probably best you don't surround yourself with those people.

Whatever You Do...

The bottom line is, if you want something work for it and quit worrying what others are doing different. Everyone has different goals and those goals deserve to be supported not downplayed by standards or rules that you have in place for yourself. 

Be all in on your goals. Doesn't matter what your style of fitness is, your progress and achievement will be celebrated here.

Whatever you do, WorkHarder.

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