Follow Your Purpose

Follow Your Purpose

Days like today remind me of why no matter what, it’s all worth it.

Two weeks ago we put on a powerlifting meet. Simple on the outside, it’s been done a ton of times by people, the script is easy to follow. When you do it right, it’s seamless to the spectator.

The year building up to this was anything but simple, if you know you know.

The entire process behind the scenes for me personally was scary, I put a ton of pressure on myself to do things at a high level, why would I not want to excel? Whatever I put my hands to I want it to be a reflection of my heart and my work ethic.

Honestly, I struggled to pull the trigger on this event and even when I did I was scared as hell.

I felt like I was in a hole, that I probably put myself in, and all I could feel was pressure and hear all the things people where saying, and had said. That hurt, deep. People don’t really know me, my struggles, or even my heart at times. And that’s ok.

But, if one person could just catch a glimpse of the “more” that they are capable of, the feeling of an entire community rallying behind them, then why should I quit?

Today I saw people walk into the gym, see their new PR on the board and be so excited about what they had done.

You could feel the energy from those people, the excitement, the fire to go back and beat that number on the wall next go around.

When you’re in that hole, when you’re surrounded by negative voices, hold onto your why, no matter how diminished that fire may feel. Protect your flame, and never let anyone put it out. Fight for it, fight for the one who may be ignited by it, and don’t ever fucking quit. Dig deep, bet on yourself and never settle.

Better days are coming. It’s up to you to make that happen.

If you want to live a life that’s full, surrender your insecurities, block out the noise, and follow your purpose to the grave.

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