How To Tackle Your Biggest Challenges in the Gym

How To Tackle Your Biggest Challenges in the Gym

Everyone has struggles in the gym. I’ve gone through many of them and seen my clients face these challenges. Here are some common struggles and my thoughts on how to get through them.

Staying committed when you don't have a goal/timeline on the calendar 

The best gym advice I’ve gotten came from Cory Gregory, which was “set a date on the calendar.” It’s a lot easier to miss when you’re not working towards anything. So pick a date and let that keep you consistent.

Going heavy

Heavy weight used to scare me a lot. I was a small guy my whole life and literally everything felt heavy. But, when you follow a plan properly, focus on your technique and form, then a heavy lift or set becomes a reflection of the work you put in.

You shouldn’t be scared of heavy weight, you should be confident you are properly prepared.

Don’t be afraid to go heavy, but you also have to use your head and be honest. Ego takes you to failure, preparation creates success.

Overthinking before a lift

This is why mental fortitude matters. Self-talk matters.

My #1 rule for clients with PRs: if you have to think about how to lift it, or you’re worried about failing, you’re not prepared to attempt it.

Big lifts are a reflection of your programming and attention to detail.

The big numbers are built daily, long before that bar ever moves.

Prepare, be confident, and execute.

Just going to the gym

This is where a TRUE training partner is vital. Find someone who will hold you accountable and call you on your excuses.

When you can beat that negative voice in your head consistently, your mentality towards uncomfortable things changes.

Recurring injuries preventing meaningful progress

Small wins.

Injuries are tough and for people who love the gym it can be somewhat demoralizing, that’s our space to become who we see ourselves as.

Find a win.

Challenge yourself with something new with the limitations of your injuries.

Find a way to make goals through rehab, beat the recovery timeline, keep showing up. Don’t discard your goals because of a setback, find a new route, even if it’s longer.

Keep moving forward.

Trying to do too much with one program

It’s easy to get caught up in wanting to make progress fast, or feeling like you’re not doing enough in the gym.

If you’re following a program, or using a coach, trust it.

The gym is one place where doing more doesn’t always result in gaining more.

Less can be more. Rest equals recovery. You can’t gain it all in a day and you won’t lose it either. Consistency over time is the key.


Rule #1: DBB (don’t be a bitch).

Pushing yourself doesn’t have to mean killing yourself in the gym.

Find some sort of metric for progress in the areas where you’re getting burnt out the fastest.

Example: if you can hold a plank for 1:00, shoot for 1:10 at the end of the week. Next week shoot for 1:15-1:20. Give yourself something to show progress so that when you DO become fatigued you don’t quit early. 

Your mind will limit the body, control the mind and you take the limits off your body.

Life makes it hard to establish a consistent time each day to go to the gym

This one I think hits home for a lot of people.

I believe this is when you need to ask yourself how bad do you want your goals, or how important is your health to you?

Sometimes as much as it sucks you have to make time. Wake up earlier, get a shorter workout, whatever it takes to keep making progress.

To the people that do this on a busy life schedule, it’s worth it, and you motivate me!


Need help? 

If I can ever help you or answer a question, no matter what challenges you're facing in the gym, shoot me a dm and I'll always do my best to get you answers.

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