The Story Behind “The Luchador” Anniversary Design

The Story Behind “The Luchador” Anniversary Design

As I started to prepare for the four-year anniversary of WorkHarder Gym, I wanted to reflect back on the year. I went through the good, the bad, all the things I was proud of, and a lot I could’ve done better.

The thing about business that gets tough is it always demands the most from you, you can’t run from the work that has to be done, it’s always needing you to make things happen. 

This year has been my least favorite from a personal standpoint. A lot of days I fought just to show up. The demons I faced this year seemed to be closer than ever and I always felt like I was on the losing end. 

From a business standpoint, it’s been an incredible year. The gym has seen a lot of growth. I partnered with Phoenix Strength and became not only the first gym in the US with the equipment but I took on the role as the US sales rep for the company. Every once in a while there are moments that I catch a glimpse of exactly what I envisioned this place to be. The diversity among the members is something I’m incredibly proud of. I see people repping WorkHarder Gear, wearing it proudly, and embracing the culture and meaning of it all. It’s truly something special to see these small flashes that remind me, this is all worth it, I’m doing exactly what I set out to do. 

The design for this shirt is a reflection of how I felt through this year. I was driving and an old song started playing that I hadn’t listened to in a long time. “I’m down, don’t count me out” was the line that sparked the idea of a fighter. It was as if the lyrics of the song came alive and were speaking to exactly what I had been feeling. That's the beauty of music, it can speak to you at any time and remind you you’re not alone in whatever you’re going through.

A luchador's mask is his most important asset. It hides his identity and elevates his very being to a “superhero” type of character. That character becomes someone for others to look up to, believe in, and be inspired by. It also gives the man behind the mask a reason to get in the ring and fight. 

When I first wrote “workharder” on paper I believed in it, and I was all in no matter what came. I could see what this dream could become not just for me but for others. That is worth fighting for, a reason to keep putting on the mask and refusing to lose. Year 4 may have taken this round (for me personally) but it won’t keep me down (from giving my all).

“Aquel que no espera vencer, ya está vencido.” 

“He who does not expect to defeat, is already defeated” 

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