Old-school gym, modern feel.

What makes us a real gym? A lot of things. Quality equipment. Music you can actually lift to. No premium areas or levels of membership. No TVs. No BS. Everyone works hard, respects others, and cleans up after themselves. (Really.)

No matter who you are or what your goals may be, this place was built for you to do the work. 

the gym

  • 4,300 sq ft, temperature-controlled warehouse
  • Private bathrooms and showers
  • Theraguns and other member amenities
  • Quality bars, plates, and machines in a clean environment


Grab a $5 day pass and come check out the gym. You can sign up for a membership in person anytime during open hours.  

  • No-contract: $50/month 
  • 12-month contract: $40/month
  • Year up front: $400 (save $200)



WorkHarder began in a garage and opened in 2020 as a place for anyone to make progress, no matter your level of experience. Whatever your goals, WorkHarder is the gym for you.

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Got questions? Message us on Instagram, give us a call, or stop by for a tour.